Settlers Safaris



Please note that firearms are available to hire, if you do not wish to bring your own firearm and go through the extra paperwork involved.

Please note that it is NOT allowed to import two rifles of the same calibre.

The following fire arms may NOT be imported;

  • Any fully automatic weapons
  • Any semi-automatic weapons
  • Handguns for self-defence
  • Any weapons that fall in the military category

Please bring the following;

  • Proof of gun ownership
  • Custom form from local customs
  • Filled out SAPS 520
  • Firearm that you are accustomed with. We recommend the following calibres for plains game: .270, 30/06, 7 mm Magnum, .300 Winchester, .300 Weatherby Magnum, .308, .303. For Big 5 Game hunting a minimum of .375 is required.
  • The firearm should be equipped with a variable scope, 2×7 or 3×9
  • Rifle sling
  • 80 rounds of soft point ammunition per calibre
  • Hard gun case (Airline approved) and soft gun case (optional) for travelling.


3 x Pants, cotton safari type in khaki or green, or jeans if preferred.

3 x Hunting shirts in khaki/green or cammo

1 x Lightweight hunting jacket in khaki/green or cammo

1 x Heavy warm jacket during June, July and August our winter months

1 x Hunting hat

4 x sets of underwear and socks

1x Belt

1 x Pair of light weight hunting boots (well broken in for you will do lots of walking)

1 x Safari utility vest (Optional)

1 x Rain gear

Cammo may be worn in South Africa

Laundry is done daily.


1 x Folding knife

1 x Rifle shell holder

1 x Sun glasses and Sunscreen

1 x Binoculars

1 x Converter from 120V to 220V

Personal medication if needed

Flashlight with extra batteries

Extra prescription glasses

And a good sense of humour!


Travel documents

Proof of medical insurance

Gun permits

Proof of gun ownership

Invitation letter from Settlers Safaris

Airline tickets


Medical records (as required in case of an emergency)