Settlers Safaris


1. Consumption of Alcohol
No alcohol may be consumed before or whilst hunting. No hunting will be allowed if under the influence of alcohol. This is the sole discretion of management.

2. Hunting Ethics
Our professional hunters will at all times insure that they adhere to the strictest highest ethics, allowing for a fair chase at all times. It would be appreciated if the utmost respect would be shown to the animal that has been shot by you. Should you feel that the professional hunter has not performed in an ethical manner, please speak to management about it

3. Safety
Firearms safety is to be treated as first priority. A firearm must be unloaded at all times and only loaded on the instructions of the professional hunter. When driving please ensure that the firearm is unloaded and that the barrel is pointing down to the floor of the vehicle. Firearms are to be unloaded and magazines emptied before entering your lodge.

4. Wounding of animals.
An animal is deemed wounded, if any blood is found, no matter how little. This animal is then considered to have been hit and needs to be paid for in full. Utmost care must be taken with shot placement to ensure that you leave with all your trophies. Make sure you are comfortable when taking the shot.